A model establishment for wine and grape juice production, able to produce 14.000.000 liters with the latest machinery to face the highest quality demands from our clients.

Technology With the latest technology we are allowed to control every step  and time of the production process, obtaining the highest quality of the products we elaborate, under the premise of being an environment friendly company.

Our people
We achieve  challenges  thanks to the hard team work  of our capable and experienced  wine makers, agronomists, technicians and operators, all them gathered by the constant commitment of innovating, growing and reaching our purposes.

Bodegas y Viñedos Benedetti S.R.L. | Ruta Prov. 63 Km 19. Junín, Mendoza, Argentina.
BEBER CON MODERACIÓN | Prohibida la venta a menores de 18 años.
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